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This page is dedicated to the file format of WarCraft III replay files. Here you can find a detailed fileformat documentation and some example code as well as links to open source replay parsing libraries and ready-to-use replay tools.

The file format description is currently divided into two files. The file w3g_format.txt describes the general layout of a replay file and everything else saved in the replay except for single player actions. These actions are documented in detail in a seperate file w3g_actions.txt.

Please note that the file format description is neither finished nor complete. We will continue to update the files while changes are made to the game by patches or new information is researched about unknown fields and/or values. Please check back regularly.


To download the latest version of the respective text file click on the links below:

w3g_format.txt Basic description of the WarCraft III replay file format.
w3g_actions.txt Description of actions in WarCraft III replay files.


Replay parsing libraries:

The following libraries will help you to add replay parsing to your own project:

Julas' PHP library This is a nice (open source *grin*) PHP-library written by Juliusz 'Julas' Gonera.
Your replay parsing library is not listed here ? Let us know about it on the developer forum.

Replay tools:

Below is a list of tools ready to analyse your replay collection. All of these tools are based on the file format description of this site.

W3Chart This is the child of the mother of all replay tools: BWChart.
These tools were developed by JCA.
W3GMaster A really powerful replay tool featuring file browser, batch renaming, charts and more.
Written by Soar.
Replay Toolkit This is one of the most complete replay analysing tool available.
It displays nearly every information saved in a replay file.
Written in Java it as a little bit slow though. The author is Andrey Chaschev.
Replay Manager This is an automatic replay saver renaming and archiving the replay of the last game played.
It also feature a replay browser displaying basic information on a selected replay.
It was written by xill and pr1v.
Your replay tool is not listed here ? Let us know about it on the developer forum.

Other replay file format resources

Visit the developer forum and discuss everything regarding the replay file format.



last update: 2010-07-13
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